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1Ton portable air conditioner.


ClimaTemp’s “Patent Pending” Cold Plasma line of portable air conditioners   and purifiers are the first in the industry to utilize (NPBI) Needlepoint Bi-Polar   Ionization Technology. This technology utilizes active purification by creating   and releasing millions of positive and negative oxygen ions into the air.  These   ions seek out and attach to pathogens such as viruses, causing a chemical reaction   on the surface of the cell membrane. This deactivates the viruses, rendering them   harmless, so they can no longer spread or cause infection.  Although Cold Plasma Technology is revolutionary on its own, we went one step  further by combining the 2 leading purification technologies of Needlepoint  Bi-Polar Ionization and HEPA filtration into a single portable unit.  No other  portable air conditioning unit utilizes both active purification and passive HEPA  filtration, making it the most advanced IAQ purifying portable unit ever.                                              

  2 Modes of Operation:  The New CPTH-12 can be used as a portable room purification unit in fan mode  or portable air conditioner with purification in cool mode.


ClimaTemp CPT-12 Cold Plasma and HEPA filtration

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