Discover The All New HEPA-PURE Accessory Kit for the CT-12 Commercial Portable Air Conditioner.  

"All currently available Standard and Traditional spot cooler portable air conditioners circulate dirty air containing bacteria, viruses, mold spores, pet dander, dust and allergens".

ClimaTemp Portables is introducing its newest product                     

accessory, the HEPA Kit with HEPA-PURE Technology for the

CT-12 commercial portable spot air conditioner. We are excited 

to bring this new product development to the specialty market

combining both portable air conditioner with HEPA filtration

technology. This HEPA Kit is designed to be installed onto the

CT-12 converting it to a Pre Coil HEPA filtration product that

combines all 3 technologies of HEPA filtration, air conditioning,

and dehumidification in one complete portable package.

This specific product was designed with the Hospitals and Medical

Industry in mind where high Indoor Air Quality is at utmost

importance. These are some of the revolutionary ideas that brings

ClimaTemp Portables to the forefront of our industry combining

innovation, design, and creative vision to its fullest.


  • First ever Evaporator Accessory attachment kit that provides HEPA filtration on a spot cooler.

  • Most versatile spot cooler on the market. Can be used as standard spot cooler or converted to HEPA filtration with the optional HEPA accessory kit. 

  • HEPA-PURE Technology Kit accessory converts standard CT-12 to HEPA filtration.

  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified Custom Engineered HEPA Filter. Leak Tested.

  • Minimum HEPA Efficiency: 99.97% @ .3 Micron Particle Size.

  • 11,500 Btu spot cooler with Advanced HEPA Filtration (Kit only). 

  • 410H/350L CFM Evaporator.

  • 2 Stage Filtration. Pre filter/HEPA Pre Coil filtration.

  • U.S. Patent Pending 

  • Can be used in Air Scrubber Mode only.

  • The new CT-12 HEPA ready unit is a great upgrade from traditional spot coolers with no filtration to True-HEPA premium filtration.

  •  A perfect product and replacement unit for any spot cooler that is being used where Air Quality might be an issue. Common applications include Hospitals, Health & Rehab Facilities, Medical Facilities, Labs, Patient areas, Offices, Employee areas and common areas.  Traditional rental spot coolers have no filtration and circulate dirty air containing bacteria, viruses, mold spores, pet dander, dust and allergens.  

  • This is not a medical device  and not recommend for operating or surgery rooms. 

  • This product is recommended for Hospital applications where spot cooler portable air conditioners are currently being utilized for spot cooling solutions.


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