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  • CT-12 spot cooler can be upgraded to HEPA filtration with our HEPA Kit accessory.

  • Provides 12,000 Btu/h of cold air... maximum spot cooling to quickly cool equipment, spaces and people.

  • Programmable LED Controller.

  • Operates on standard 115V power at only 12 Amps.

  • Auto full condensate bucket shut off with alarm.

  • No costly installation necessary. Roll it, Plug it.

  • Provides cooling down to 64°F ambient...

  • Wide operating range form 64F to 113F.

  • Built rugged for everyday use and designed for the rental industry.

  • Classic design for a great look in all commercial applications.

  • Full Condensate bucket automatic shut off with audibe alarm. 

ClimaTemp CT-12 spot cooler

  • The CT-12 spot cooler is a commercial spot cooler and not recomneded for residential use or applcation. 

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