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2OACH 6012


  • 6 speed automatic blower delivers just the right amount of air.

  • Moisture Control Mode can lower humidity level by compressor cycling.

  • Has all the advantages and features of Low Temperature Air Conditioners.

  • Automatically switches from cool to heat or heat to cool.

  • Cools to 55°F (most other units cool to only 65°F) with 36,050 BTU/HR Heats to 85° with 32,500 BTU/HR.

  • UL Listed for safety, operates on 208/230 volts, 220/3 or 460/3 power.

  • 5 year compressor warranty.

  • Deluxe Cabinet and Features

  • Hour meter records operating time

  • Rifled tube enhanced fin coils

  • High efficiency compressors

  • Moisture Control Mode reduces humidity

  • Washable air filters

  • Dedicated evap and cond blowers

  • 10 foot power supply cord

  • High pressure safety switch (man reset)

  • Pitched drain pan (ASHRAE 62-89)

  • Compact size

  • Combination Heating Cooling operation

  • Quiet reverse curved blowers

OceanAire 2OACH 6012 Heat Pump
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